CMM Machine Introduction
CRYSTA-Apex S 9108 ( Mitutoyo 三豐 )

According to Mitutoyo‘s extensive experience in CNC CMM technology, so our company‘s CNC CMM all from Mitutoyo. The CRYSTA-APEX S Series is a high performance, cost effective coordinate measuring machine.

It offers you the following benefits :
1. Lightweight materials and an innovative machine structure deliver high motion stability, accuracy and affordability.
2. The temperature compensation function (16°C to 26°C) allows you to take accurate measurements even on the shop floor.
3. Compatible vision and scanning probe technologies give you flexible and effective measurement capabilities.
4. Multi-sensors capability

Standard Accuracy, 900 x 1000 x 800 mm
Quantity : 3

Range 900 x 1000 x 800 mm
Accuracy E0, MPE from : (1,7+0,3L/100) µm
Loading Weight 1200 kg
Loading Height 1000 mm
Mass 2261 kg
CRYSTA-Apex S 9108 ( Mitutoyo 三豐 )
建暐 Chienwei CWB-9126A-CNC

Large measuring range bridge type CMM, configured with Integration of a rotary table as the 4th axis and Probe Rack Systems.Software could provide online or offline process control, and multiple-piece automated inspection.

This model is also included in the mass concept that incorporates the need for multifunctional measurement. This model thus enables both contact and optical measurements.

Quantity : 1

Item Specification
Measuring Travel 900 x 1200 x 600 mm ( X,Y,Z )
Resolution Renishaw Linear Scales 0.001 mm
Software IK 5000 Quadra Chek +Win-XP
Hardware PC+24" LCD Color Monitor
Trigger Probe Renishaw MH20i manual index probe
Z Axis Balance Cylinder
Operation CNC Programmable
Drive Servo Motors +Joystick
Transmission Air Bearing in 3 Axes (85psi; 0.6Mpa more is requested)
Accurary Granite U1=1.5+L/200 um ; U3=4+L/150 um (Temperature 20°c±1)
Humidity: 55~65%
Plates Demo-Parts DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (AREA 1100x1800 mm)
Height Demo-Parts 600 mm
Weight Machine 800 kgs
Dimensions 178x204x302 cm (Including Stand Frame)
Appearance Machine 298x204x302 cm (Including Deluxe Table)
Weight 3800 kgs
Option/Software Z axis can be increased up to 800 mm; Auto-Zoom / Auto-Light;
Renishaw PH10T motorized probe